React Native Social Networking Backend App
React Native Social Networking Backend App is a full-fledged iOS & Android application that comes with complete backend support, admin accounts, and fully ready to be launched to the app stores as is.
The client-side application is built on top of the React Native and Expo frameworks, while the server app is build on the Node.js, Express and MongoDB tech-stack. The app stands out with its brisk design and contains all features you might expect from a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram type social media application, such as:
  • Photo and video posting.
  • Push notifications for a range of interactions.
  • User account statistics.
  • In-app admin features including reporting and deleting of posts, comments and users.
  • Archiving of your favorite posts.
  • and quite a lot more...
This app is clean, fast and delivers an experience comparable to any modern application. This is made possible by implementing proven modern technologies, such as:.
  • Photo and video storage and super fast CDN powered file delivery.
  • Push notifications using the Expo Push API and Google Firebase (for Android).
  • A NodeJS/Heroku server setup linked up with a Cloud Atlas (MongoDB) instance that is easy to scale and maintain as your platform grows.
  • Redux and Redux-Saga state management and data fetching.
  • React Hooks API, and PropTypes type-checking.
Expect nothing less than code that is clean, organised and appropriately labeled, and that is free of bugs. With this app you will save countless ours of development and setup time. And if you still run into any difficulties, chances are you will find your answers in our guides on these pages.

Quick Test

Testing the app is very easy.
To test the app on iOS, send me an email at [email protected] and I'll provide you with installation instructions for the iOS app.
A demo version of the app can be downloaded from:
  • the Android Play store following this link.
  • using Expo Go following the steps below:
To test a user account, you can simply sign up for an account in the app. To test an admin account, please use the username and password below:
  • You are ready to go!
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